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How do I recycle my One Potato box?

We’ve worked closely with our suppliers to create packaging that is all recyclable or made of biodegradable materials.  Here’s how to dispose of your One Potato packaging in the most environmentally friendly way:

The box:

Your box should be flattened, then recycled with standard cardboard/paper recycling. The cardboard inserts and paper liners can be recycled with the box as well.

Bags and bottles:

All small plastic bags and bottles can be recycled with plastic recyclables.  These are #4 and #2 recyclables respectively.


The outside is recyclable with your plastics, and the inside is made of biodegradable materials. Please remove the outside layer and recycle, and dispose of the inside in your regular garbage.

Ice packs:

Our ice packs are filled with a non-toxic gel. To recycle them completely, cut them open and dispose of the gel, then recycle the exterior packaging with your plastics.

Note: Please always check with your local municipality as recycling capabilities can vary.


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